How to Buy a Wood Chipper & How to Safely Use It

How to Buy A Wood Chipper
A wood chipper is a handy machine that has several uses. A Wood Chipper can be used around a home’s yard after cutting down trees or cleaning out brush. Read on to learn how to buy a wood

Determine what you want to do with a wood chipper. For home use, there are small, portable gas-operated wood chippers that are great for cleaning up limbs and branches of fallen trees. A wood chipper cuts the brush and debris into small pieces that can be used for mulch around your flower beds, pine islands and walkways. Some hardware stores carry this kind of wood chipper. Your local home improvement store will usually have a variety of brands.

Purchase a larger wood chipper that hooks up to a tractor if you live or work on a farm. There is a type of wood chipper that hooks up to a tractor on the PTO shaft (a gear that runs attachments). The power for the wood chipper is furnished by the tractor’s engine itself. If you buy this kind of wood chipper, you will be able to cut up larger trees and limbs, produce more mulch and keep the farm clean more easily. Farm and tractor supply stores carry this kind of wood chipper.

Consider a commercial-grade when you buy a wood chipper if you are considering starting a tree service for customers. These come with gas or diesel-powered engines, have more power and can be used to clear land. A grabber on the commercial wood chipper picks up trees, stumps, brush and everything cut down and drops it all into a huge drum chipper. Of course, this kind of wood chipper must be hauled.  Nations Equipment carry this style of wood chippers.

How to Safely Operate A Wood Chipper
Wear snug fitting clothing when you use a wood chipper. Baggy clothes are dangerous around a wood chipper because they can get caught in the blades and pull you in.

Use ear plugs to protect your hearing against the noise when you use a wood chipper. They are loud machines.

Protect your eyes by wearing safety glasses. Shredded materials have a tendency to fly when you use a wood chipper.

Put on a good pair of work gloves and a hard hat before you start to use a wood chipper. You never know what kind of materials will fly out when you are chipping. Steel-toed safety boots are also a good safety precaution when you use a wood chipper.

Keep your hands and feet away from the wood chipper’s feed chute area. It only takes a second of distraction to get caught and pulled in.

Push materials into the wood chipper by using a long limb or long piece of wood to help keep hands at a safe distance. Small pieces of twigs and all leaves should be thrown into the transport compartment instead of directly into the wood chipper.

Clean excess debris from the area around the wood chipper regularly to prevent accidental falls near the machine.

Listen to make sure the knives have come to a complete stop before you open the hood when you use a wood chipper.

Never allow children around or near the area when you are using a wood chipper. No one under the age of 18 should be allowed to use a wood chipper alone.

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